A Big Vision

IACCL is a fellowship of Christian churches and church leadership which promotes healthy and prosperous Christian churches of all sizes and leaders of all cultures around the world

What Do We Stand For?

Develop Church Growth & Prosperity

When we have healthy churches and ministries our communities and countries thrive. Building sound churches and ministries is vital for the world to become more ethical and excellent. Leasers must be at the forefront of committing to promoting an environment that creates prosperity, integrity and power. Jesus said “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me. When we have a contagious spirit of excellence in ministry we lift up the standard of Christ that makes being his disciple irresistible. This fellowship will teach leaders the principles that create a thriving ministry and provide resources that will equip them to inspire growth and prosperity in the church and God’s people.

Develop Leaders In The Church, Marketplace and Mission Field

Leadership extends far beyond the church. When we “go into all the world” our impact should be genuinely felt in every part of society. This fellowship makes room for not only impact from the pulpit but in every walk of life. We will encourage success in business, public service and government. We will share with the nations our desires to see policies that bring glory to God and benefit mankind.

Promote The Gospel Around The World Wikout Error

 We believe that our first mandate is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world. In this modern era our focus is to retrain leaders to maintain the integrity of scriptural evangelism. The good news of the Gospel is truth without any mixture of error. It’s power stands without any embellishment or carnal input. It merely needs a willing vessel anointed by the Holy Spirit

Pastoral Counseling For Personal Life And Ministry

We understand the strains and stresses of ministry and we know that pastors and leaders are still people who need pastoral care. This fellowship will provide leaders with a safe environment that will allow them to share the trials and tribulations they deal with. They can receive the advice on how they can better manage their personal lives while improving their pastoral and leadership skills.

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